World War II US Submarine Wreck Discovered After 75 Years

The wreck during World War II submarine USS Grayback has been found off Japan 75 years after its sinking by a Japanese bomber.

The submarine was discovered on June 5, by the Lost 52 Project, which locates lost U.S. World War II submarines. In a statement translated from Japanese, the Lost 52 Project defined that the united states Grayback (SS-208) are the first U.S. submarine found off the coast of Japan.

Japanese information points out that the sub was sunk by a 500-pound bomb dropped by a naval bomber in February 1944. The bomb hit aft of the Grayback’s conning tower, and the sub sank with the lack of her 80-strong crew.

The exploration crew used an undersea drone to find the Tambor-class sub, which lies at a depth of 1,427 ft, 50 nautical miles south of Okinawa. The sub’s deck gun was situated 384 ft away.

Japanese historian Hiroshi Iwasaki additionally performed a crucial role within the discovery. The professional retranslated a first report of the Grayback’s sinking and located that the longitude differed from a report created in 1946. Armed with the brand new coordinates, the Lost 52 Project was capable of target the area the place the wreck was subsequently discovered.

The united states Grayback is the fifth sub found by the Lost 52 Project. Earlier this year, the staff located the bow of World War II submarine USS Grunion 77 years after the sub went missing off the remote Aleutian Islands in Alaska on her first war patrol.

The wreck was discovered resting at a depth of 20,406 ft by consultants on the Research Vessel Petrel. Explorers used an undersea drone to find the mysterious ship, believed to be the united states Johnston, a Fletcher-class destroyer sunk in the course of the Battle off Samar, a key action within the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.


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