UK Based Company Is Ready to Take Purdue Heating Technology to The Market

A novel heating technology primarily based on materials generally used within the aerospace business quickly could also be helping doctors, forensic scientists, and automobile manufacturers. Alconbury Weston Limited, a science-engineering firm primarily based in the UK, has licensed carbon fiber technology from Purdue Research Foundation to assist industries ranging from analysis institutes to commercial producers.

The C-Core carbon fiber technology was developed at Purdue University by means of a partnership with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. DARPA is a company of the U.S. Department of Defense. The initial technology was developed at Purdue by James Zimmerman and Ryan Hilger, scientists at Purdue’s College of Science.

C-Core is a super semiconductor that has unique properties to create complete uniform heat without cold spots. It is a fully new use of broadly accepted high-tech material as it gives an excellent technique of offering heat to flowing fluids. It has been re-designed by the AWL staff to facilitate mass production and already adopted for a lot of industry sectors. “It facilitates high-quality sample delivery in analytical science, chemistry, forensics laboratory, and research and development environments, as well as delivering contamination-free medical gases through greener direct heating.”

C-Core is based on high-tech materials generally utilized in aerospace applications. However, AWL is likely one of the first companies within the science-engineering sector to adopt carbon fiber for its unique semi-conductor and uniform heating properties. C-Core has particular properties that make it ideal for certain technology makes use of,” Barton stated. “It also gives flexible, safe, low-voltage, and high-output choices.”


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