U.S. Reiterates Security Concerns Over Huawei Gear at GSC

The U.S. is in search of to rally European support for opponents to Huawei Technologies after disappointment in Washington over Britain’s decision to make use of 5G gear made by the Chinese firm.U.S. Reiterates Security Concerns Over Huawei Gear at GSC

The U.S. delegates at a global security conference (GSC) in Germany this week urged governments and business leaders to construct an ecosystem of “industry champions” that may provide alternatives to Huawei, the world’s largest maker of mobile networking gear.

The previous U.S. attempts to convince allies to ban the Chinese firm from their networks have primarily focused on warnings that China might utilize its gear for spying.

Huawei has frequently dismissed the espionage allegations. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Friday there was no credible proof that Huawei was a menace to U.S. security.

Speaking on Saturday, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper told the Munich Security Conference that Washington was indeed working with vendors to develop and test new 5G technologies.

The U.S. has used high-profile occasions in recent times to raise security concerns about Huawei gear, warning that partners that use it in their networks risked being cut off from valuable intelligence-sharing provisions.

Delegates in Munich repeated those concerns but also made a softer tone, emphasizing the need to work with Huawei opponents to support their place in the industry. They stopped short, however, of detailing any firm plans or measures.

White House advisor Robert Blair informed reporters the U.S. was already working with Scandinavian suppliers Nokia and Ericsson.


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