The 50th Anniversary Of Apollo 13 Was Remarkably Surprising

Time to go on a mission.  Return in time to April 11, 1970. People and the world had already turn out to be considerably inured about going to the moon, having exalted within the Apollo 11 lunar touchdown and subsequently gotten used to the “mundaneness” of moonwalks because of the success of Apollo 12 (sure, it landed on the moon too!). Alas, not many can recite off the highest of their head something in regards to the Apollo 12 mission, apart from that it primarily proved that Apollo 11 wasn’t a fluke prevalence.

For Apollo 13, if all went nicely, the chances are that immediately we’d not be discussing the journey since it will have been “simply” one other journey to the moon. April 13, 1970, modified that historic trajectory altogether. Let’s briefly amble by way of the essential moments of that fateful April 13th.

The date was the 13th and the flight quantity was 13, a worrisome qualm by some that it would finish-up being unfortunate (additionally, in case you add collectively the digits of the launch date 04-11-70, it involves the quantity 13, so loads of causes to really feel probably unhealthy vibes).

The crew made a TV broadcast at roughly 55 hours into the flight on April 13, 1970, but few watched as a result of the most important broadcast networks determined to run their regular programming as a substitute.

Right here’s a quantity to commit to memory: 55:54:53. That was the precise time at which the mission to the moon grew to become a mission of saving the lives of the astronauts. A few minute or so earlier, the Houston-primarily based Mission Control had requested Jack Swigert to “stir” the cryo tanks. These have been important tanks on-board the spacecraft and consisted of two oxygen tanks and two hydrogen tanks, used for a mess of functions together with offering oxygen to the crew and that additionally generated mandatory electrical energy to run the flight.


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