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Silicon Nitride Market 2020 Growth Status, Size, Industry Share, Recent Trends and Foreseen to 2026

Silicon Nitride Market Size, Share and Global Trend By Type (Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride, Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride, Sintered Silicon Nitrides), By End User (Automotive, Medical, Aviation & Aerospace, Solar, Others), and Geography Forecast till 2026

Silicon Nitride Market Overview – Drivers and Restarints:

Increasing power generation through renewable energy sources, especially wind energy, will be the key driver for the Global Silicon Nitride Market growth during the forecast period. With the rising menace of global warming aggravated by fossil fuel pollution, there has been a growing need to shift to renewables for harvesting energy for consumption. Wind energy is one of the leading renewable energy sources and its use in power generation is rapidly rising. For example, a report released by the Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace states that by 2030, 19% of the electricity produced in the world will come from wind energy; by 2050, this number will be between 25 and 30%.

Due to its inherent properties of high hardness, low density, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high electrical resistance, silicon nitride has proven to be a valuable component in wind turbines. The compound has enhanced the performance of these machines, without harming the environment. As the number of wind turbine installations goes up, the demand for silicon nitride ball bearings used in this turbines will rise in tandem.

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Fortune Business Insights identifies list of the key Players in the Silicon Nitride Market:

  • Morgan Advanced Materials
  • Denka Company Ltd.
  • CoorsTek Inc.
  • AlzChem Group AG
  • UBE Industries Ltd.
  • Rogers Corporation
  • CeramTec
  • Toshiba Electronic Devices
  • Kyocera Corporation

Fortune Business Insights, in its report, titled “Silicon Nitride Market Size, Share and Global Trend By Type (Reaction Bonded Silicon Nitride, Hot Pressed Silicon Nitride, Sintered Silicon Nitrides), By End User (Automotive, Medical, Aviation & Aerospace, Solar, Others), and Geography Forecast till 2026”, shares an in-depth analysis of the factors that will influence the market. Additionally, the report also provides a comprehensive industrial overview and a thorough assessment of the trends and competitive landscape of the market in the forecast period.

Silicon nitride is a manmade compound made from silicon and nitrogen. It is one of the most thermodynamically stable compounds, making it a highly demanded commercial and industrial material.

Rising Preference for E-Mobility to Create Attractive Growth Opportunities

The growing need to switch to eco-friendly modes of transportation has led to the development of e-mobility technology, primarily electronic and hybrid vehicles. For example, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2018, electric car fleet in the world was at 5.1 million. Moreover, the IEA projects that electronic car sales will shoot to 23 million and their stock will go over 130 million by 2030. Silicon nitride ceramic substrates are increasingly being used in these vehicles owing to their high-level thermal conductivity and mechanical properties. This makes the compound a reliable and efficient power source as well as being economically viable. A fast-climbing electronic vehicles market will bode well for the silicon nitride market size in the coming decade.

Applications of Silicon Nitride Market

Automobile industry

One of the major applications of sintered silicon nitride is in automobile industry as a material for engine parts. Those include, in diesel engines, glowplugs for faster start-up; precombustion chambers (swirl chambers) for lower emissions, faster start-up and lower noise; turbocharger for reduced engine lag and emissions. In spark-ignition engines, silicon nitride is used for rocker arm pads for lower wear, turbocharger turbines for lower inertia and less engine lag, and in exhaust gas control valves for increased acceleration. As examples of production levels, there is an estimated more than 300,000 sintered silicon nitride turbochargers made annually


Silicon nitride bearings are both full ceramic bearings and ceramic hybrid bearings with balls in ceramics and races in steel. Silicon nitride ceramics have good shock resistance compared to other ceramics. Therefore, ball bearings made of silicon nitride ceramic are used in performance bearings. A representative example is use of silicon nitride bearings in the main engines of the NASA’s Space Shuttle.

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North America to Experience Healthy Growth Period; Asia-Pacific to Witness Escalating Demand

North America and Europe are expected to have a dominant hold on the global silicon nitride market share. This is mainly because of intense research and development activities in the two continents, along with their commitment to sustainable development, which is driving their booming electric vehicles market. In Asia-Pacific, China has emerged has the leading producer of electric cars, not just in the region, but globally. Furthermore, there is increasing demand for silicon nitride for electronic parts on account of the soaring manufacturing sectors in India and China.

Strategic Collaborations to Intensify Market Competition

Major companies are opting to collaborate with their fellow competitors to strengthen their position in the market and diversify their product offerings. For instance, CTL joined hands with Amedica in September 2018, which made CTL the exclusive provider of silicon nitride spine products in Brazil, Europe, and Australia. Similarly, Heraeus Electronics and Toshiba entered into a partnership to jointly produce high-quality silicon nitride substrates to be used in electric vehicles.

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