Samsung’s New Ultra-Thin Flip Glass Is Quite Questionable

Samsung’s declare that the new Galaxy Z Flip makes use of “Ultra-Thin Glass” appeared like a real breakthrough when the foldable phone was announced last week. Till now, foldable screens have used plastic shows, which could be simply scratched with even a fingernail. The Z Flip making the change to glass, nonetheless thin it may be, had us hopeful that it might maintain up higher to lengthy-time period use.Samsung's New Ultra-Thin Flip Glass Is Quite Questionable

However evidently may not be the case. Zack Nelson has gotten his arms on Samsung’s second try at a foldable phone, and the outcomes of his JerryRigEverything durability check don’t encourage confidence.

The Z Flip’s show begins displaying everlasting marks and scratches far sooner than precise glass would. A part of the tried and true JerryRigEverything check is placing telephones via a gauntlet of Mohs hardness picks to check when the display glass begins exhibiting harm. In the event you’ve watched Zack’s movies earlier than, you’ve possible heard that trendy smartphones have “scratches beginning at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.”

The Z Flip begins choosing up harm at level 2 and more considerably at three, which is on par with the plastic screens of the Galaxy Fold and newer Motorola Razr. “This display screen is on no account scratch resistant by any means,” Nelson says close to the top of the video. On the finish of the clip, he begins poking holes within the display that make the OLED panel go on the fritz — however there’s no signal of any glass fracturing.

On the unveiling of the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung was categorical that it was glass. Dieter Bohn pressed Samsung representatives for more data on who Samsung’s accomplice is for manufacturing it, the way it was made to bend, and what processes had been utilized to the glass. On the time, Samsung declined to comment on all these questions. However, the firm supplied a response after we requested for comment on this story


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