Polish Firm’s Hermes V8MT Drone Takes to The Sky

Hermes V8MT drone, eight propellers start to spin, and the massive yellow plane rises up, locates its direction, and moments later disappears into the sky in southern Poland.

In the present day, the drone is making a profitable 8.5-kilometer (5.3-mile) test flight close to the headquarters of the Polish firm Spartaqs within the city of Mikolow; soon, it is going to be making journeys between a blood bank and the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw. It is going to follow a route marked by radio beacons and fly over waterways for probably the most part in order to not injure anyone lest it falls.

As soon as the required permits arrive, Hermes may very well be used to save lots of lives, transporting blood and medication in emergencies. Sooner or later, with a particular pod in its cargo, it might even transport hearts for transplants.

Poland is becoming a member of the recent global explosion of drone know-how, which has seen a number of private projects together with hundreds of usually top-secret military ones. Huczala points out that a military model of the Hermes V8MD drone may be a lifesaver.

The skies have change into crowded with the competition over drone manufacturing. Amazon and DHL are developing drones for transporting packages, UberEats is working on a model for delivering meals, whereas the US firm Zipline has developed a drone network for transporting medication in Ghana and now hopes to expand to different countries.

Spartaqs considers itself above all an analysis agency wanting into new technologies, although it has already sold a dozen drones—at an average value of 50,000 euros ($55,000) a pop—in Poland and Georgia.


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