Jack Dorsey Is Funding Research with The Goal of Combating Online Violence, Hate, And Disinformation

Jack Dorsey co-founder of Twitter is funding research aimed toward altering the way in which data circulates on social media—with the goal of combating online violence, hate, and disinformation.

Dorsey, on Tuesday, introduced he would fund an independent group of five architects, engineers, and designers—dubbed Bluesky—to develop an “open and decentralized standard for social media.”

In a collection of posts, he explained the goal is for Twitter to finally be topic to this new standard, which might be open to adoption by fellow social media networks like Facebook or TikTok. These vary from rooting out disinformation and detecting violent content—hate speech or child pornography—to the fact today’s algorithms are likely to direct users’ toward content “that sparks controversy and outrage.”

Centralized enforcement of worldwide coverage to handle abuse and deceptive info is unlikely to scale over the lengthy-time period without putting far too much burden on people,” Dorsey stated. However, he argues a single technical standard shared throughout totally different platforms—which at present operate like walled gardens—may very well be a game-changer.

A shared new standard might curb the power of tech giants to find out what content goes viral—placing individual users in control. It might additionally theoretically hand users back control of their data—presently saved and monetized by private platforms, usually by means of advertising.

Dorsey argued that the worth of social media was more and more shifting away from content hosting and removing, and in the direction of suggestion algorithms. An open standard, Dorsey stated, would enable Twitter to focus on building suggestion algorithms that “promote healthy conversation.”


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