Google Has Warned Its Turkish Business Partners It Will Not Be Able to Work with Them On New Android Phones

Google has informed its Turkish business companions it will be unable to work with them on new Android phones to be launched in Turkey after the Turkish competition board ruled that modifications Google made to its contracts weren’t acceptable.

Turkey’s competition authority had fined Google 93 million lire ($17.4 million) in September 2018 for violating competition law with its mobile software program sales. The company was given 6 months to make modifications to revive competition.

Turkey’s competition board ruled on Nov. 7 that modifications that Google made in its contracts with its business companions according to the board’s demands had been inadequate as they still didn’t permit changes to the default search engine.

Google made the announcement through a Turkish public relations company, which sent the statement to Reuters on Monday after Turkey’s Haberturk reported the move on the weekend.

The competition board stated it imposed a fine on Google of 0.05% of its revenue per day over the violation and that this is able to stay in place till all demands had been met. Google was given a 60-day period to challenge the ruling.

The regulator had requested Google to change all its software distribution agreements to allow consumers to decide on totally different search engines in its Android mobile operating system. The probe was triggered by a filing by Russian competitor Yandex.

Haberturk had reported Google had shared in its letter to business companions the contact details of Turkey’s commerce minister and the head of its competition authority and referred to as on them to exert pressure to be able to change the decision.

In January 2019, the competition authority additionally stated it had launched an investigation into whether or not Google broke competition law with algorithms it makes use of for searches and to target advertisements.


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