37.5% increase the kilo of yerba for producers

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation fixed at 11.55 pesos per kilo of green leaf of yerba mate; and in 43.89 pesos the pitch (dry, without grinding), which represents a recomposition of 37.5%, with respect to last year. The increase did not leave according to the primary producers.

The rumors of an award with values ​​lower than the one requested at the time by the chacareros had begun to circulate at the end of last week and it was finished confirming this morning with the publication of the official bulletin. The price was set by the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Guillermo Bernaudo, through one side, mechanism established when consensus is not reached in the National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM).

The intransigence of the millers was what prevented the different sectors of the productive chain from reaching an agreement in February to establish the new values ​​for the raw material and the harvested yerba. The industrialists proposed a price that was even below the cost grid elaborated by the Institute. Little did it matter that the value of the package at the mill outlet would have had a strong rebound in recent months and in the gondolas the kilo would approach 150 pesos.

The producers had requested an increase of 60% for the raw material, while the millers offered a recomposition of 20% and pasted the breach to the last meeting of the INYM. The award of Bernaudo was closer to the request of the industrialists than of the chacareros.

In the last price session, in February, there were several proposals: the representative of the Government of Corrientes requested a price of 11 pesos per kilo of green leaf; while its pair of Missions folded to the proposal of the primary producers. The industrialists who planted at 10.10.

The yerbateros had announced that if they did not achieve the $ 13.50 they would make protests on the routes and prevent the movement of trucks with raw materials and products already made for the market. This morning they had not yet resolved whether the protests will finally materialize.

In an inflationary process that seems to have no end, farmers and dryers must wait until September to negotiate new values ​​that will govern for the summer harvest.

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